Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Silobreaker Energy Section

With the world focusing in on COP15, the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, we are announcing today about our new energy section, giving users the depth of coverage, quality news, analysis, and rich graphics not available on other news search sites.

Silobreaker's energy section is a great resource for anyone seeking the latest news, blogs or video about this much talked about market and is split up into the following sub-sections:

Fossil Fuels: Oil, Natural Gas, Coal

Alternative Energy: Biofuel, Wind Power, Solar Power, Geothermal Energy, Ocean Power, Hydro Power and Nuclear Power.

Energy Storage: Batteries, Fuel Cells.

Click here to go to the energy section.

..and for those of you who want to follow all the latest from COP15: click here.

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