Sunday, February 10, 2008

Search market in focus

As we reported last week, we had fantastic feedback following our official launch of Silobreaker at the DEMO 08 conference in California at the end of January. The need for “smarter” search engines seems to touch a raw nerve amongst many web users and positive reactions keep coming in from press and bloggers alike as the word about Silobreaker is spreading. I am sure Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo has helped as well because of the renewed focus on the search space as a whole.

In my view, Microsoft's bid for Yahoo and Google's subsequent involvement is a clash of giants that will likely have implications for everyone involved in or using the Internet. However, in the wake of this deal and regardless of its outcome, information overload will still be a problem and users will continue to ask for quicker and better ways of finding more relevant search results than what traditional search engines have been offering so far. Silobreaker was developed to meet exactly such growing user demand and the service brings meaning to news content through sense-making analytics and graphical search results.

Ultimately, it’s the value and relevance of the search result that matter and our goal is very simple; to deliver insight as a service.

Thanks for using Silobreaker.
Best regards,
Kristofer Mansson, CEO

New Feature: We have added a zoom-feature to Network Search. You can zoom in or out either by using the scroll wheel on your mouse or the zoom-slider in the upper left corner of the network area. See what you think.

Recent press clippings:

"Search tools made clever" - Financial Times, 8 February, 2008

"Silobreaker can also chart article volumes by media type, identify geographic news hotspots and, impressively, map relationships between topics in the form of an interactive network. Users can navigate spiders- web graphics by dragging and dropping the elements in it. I found the graphic often suggested relationships I had not immediately thought of."

"Silobreaker Brings a Graphical View to News Research" - Information Today, 7 February, 2008

"The smart context extraction and relational analysis of Silobreaker is by far the best I have seen in the semantic search space. Silobreaker quickly becomes indispensable; it is an invaluable research tool with a sophisticated algorithm that I’d like to see proliferate in the search market."[Says Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO]"

"The Search Market Fallout Of Microsoft-Yahoo" - InformationWeek, 9 February, 2008

"When tigers battle, mice get fat. That pseudo-Chinese proverb well describes one likely outcome of Microsoft's $44 billion bid for Yahoo... The clash of the titans atop the search pyramid is opening up new opportunities for smaller players while helping to enable a broad flourishing of innovation in information-access technology... Take Silobreaker, which debuted its contextual search engine at last month's Demo conference..."

"And here are blogs about Silobreaker found on Google Blog Search"

Friday, February 1, 2008

DEMO 08 (Part II)

We're back from the DEMO 08 conference that was held in Palm Desert, CA, 28-30 January. It was great! Truly a unique mix of demonstrators, media, VCs and industry experts coming together in an event that is informal and relaxed, yet incredibly professionally produced by Chris Shipley and her team. Anyone looking to launch anything in tech or media, this is the event!

We had a great time and judging by the attention and media coverage so far, Silobreaker's message of providing "insight as a service" struck a chord with many of the attendees. Thanks to all who came by our booth and saw the presentation. You can find Silobreaker's presentation in DEMO's video center.

And here's some feedback that's come in so far:

"The Coolest Thing I Saw At DEMO" - InformationWeek, 31 Jan 2008

"Every year at Demo there's one presenter that captures my imagination and actually seems to be providing something that I will find useful. This year, while Skyfire showed off the beta of an intriguing new mobile browser and BitGravity displayed its power new network platform for high-definition video, the choice was easy: Silobreaker."

"Picking the winners at the DEMO conference" - San Jose Mercury News, 31 Jan 2008

"It's rare that a Web site offers a genuinely new way of looking at information. But that's what you get with Silobreaker"

"The Best of DEMO 08" - Seattle Post Intelligencer, 30 Jan 2008

"BEST PITCH: I didn't have the chance to watch every company, but one that really hooked me was London's Silobreaker."

"Silobreaker advances social-network visualization" - Intelligent Enterprise, 30 Jan 2008

"Silobreaker's visualizations add huge value to the company’s underlying news-aggregation service."

"Silobreaker pitches ‘insight as a service’" - ZDNet, 30 Jan 2008

"Silobreaker offers a new twist on news aggregation and search navigation."

"SiloBreaker: More than just the latest headline news" - Microsoft Startup Zone, 31 Jan 2008

"SiloBreaker was one of my favorites at DEMO this year. Based on statistical relationships, they are the first company I’ve come across that is able to perform sophisticated visualization and text analytic-like functionality on large unstructured data sets like news articles."

"Silobreaker: Information, Context and Correlation" - White African, 31 Jan 2008

"Of all the products that I saw at DEMO 2008, none impressed me more than Silobreaker."

"DEMO 08: My Favorites" - Somewhat Frank, 31 Jan 2008

"Silobreaker - An innovative trend analysis site with lots of visual goodies to dig deeper."

"Blogs about Silobreaker found on Google"