Monday, September 14, 2009

More Silobreaker Widgets

We have now added two more widgets in addition to the Network and In Focus widgets we launched in early August. All these widgets are free to use, are updated dynamically and can be added by anyone to their web pages, blogs, forums, etc (just like we've done below).

Story Widget
The Story Widget shows the latest top stories for whatever person, company, organisation, entity, topic, search term etc you select (e.g. like iPhone below). Simply click on the "embed-button" at the top of any story list in Silobreaker and follow the simple steps to embed the feature on your own web page. Takes less than a minute.

Content Widget
The Content Widget shows the latest content headlines for your search term organised under separate tabs; one for news one for blogs, etc (e.g. like for Afghanistan below). You'll find the "embed-button" in the More Content section at the bottom of many pages in Silobreaker.

Have a go and try them out. Great to use as a "news-window" on your own site.

We've also updated the api with functions for the new widgets.

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