Sunday, September 23, 2007

Silobreaker "Truthiness" - Iran/Military Action

The arrival of Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York and the controversy (amongst other things) surrounding his wish to visit Ground Zero and give a speech at Columbia University are covered intensely by media and political commentators around the world. And although it feels like Iran and the US have been at each other's throats for as long as anyone can remember, a simple look in Silobreaker reveals that the topic of a potential military attack of Iran is currently getting more press coverage than possibly ever before.

Putting his New York visit in that context, one interpretation might be that while the US is stepping up its preparations for a possible invasion, Ahmadinejad goes behind enemy lines to launch a PR "blitzkrieg" in order to gain a first mover's advantage. Fascinating tactics if the whole situation wasn't so scary!

The chart shows the number of daily articles about Iran in the last four months filtered on the topic of "Military Action". Source: Silobreaker

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